Ohio Passes New Energy and Hydraulic Fracturing Legislation

Ohio Governor John Kasich
The Ohio General Assembly passed SB 315 last week, which contains changes to Ohio's oil and gas conservation program.

The bill was sent to Governor Kasich on May 24, 2012. The Act will become law on June 5, unless vetoed by the Governor, which is not likely given his support for the bill.

The new law will then be filed with the Secretary of State and become effective 91 days after it is filed.

The bill contains various changes to Ohio’s oil and gas law, including changes to pooling and unitization appeals, increased liability insurance requirements, increased radius (to 1,500 feet) for pre-drilling groundwater sampling, disclosure requirements relating to hydraulic fracturing fluids, identification requirements regarding water sourcing and volumes used in production operations, measures to encourage renewable and alternative energy, changes to Ohio's underground injection control (e.g., brine disposal) program and fees, and changes to various other fees, among other provisions.

A summary of SB 315 is available on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' web site.

This article was prepared by Janet McQuaid (jmcquaid@fulbright.com or 724 416 0427) from Fulbright's Environmental Law Practice.