EPA Requires Two-Day Notice of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Effective October 15, 2012

In mid-April 2012, the EPA issued its new air emissions regulations relating to processes and equipment at natural gas well sites.

While many of these regulations have been highlighted by the EPA (such as the required use of “green completion” equipment after January 1, 2015), a notice requirement for hydraulically fractured or refractured operations has been practically ignored. 

Beginning October 15, 2012, the owner or operator of a natural gas well must provide the EPA (and in some cases, a state or local air quality agency) with at least two-day notice that hydraulic fracturing will take place at the well location. 

This notice, which can be submitted in writing or electronically, must include:
  1. the anticipated date of the well completion operation; 
  2. contact information for the owner or operator; 
  3. the API well number; 
  4. the “latitude and longitude coordinates for each well in decimal degrees to an accuracy and precision of five decimals of a degree using the North American Datum of 1983;” and 
  5. the planned date of the beginning of flowback. 
Summary of the requirements relating to natural gas well sites
New Air Emission Regulations

Sections 60.5360, 60.5365, 60.5370, and 60.5420 provide information relating to the scope of the regulations, the effective date, and the reporting requirements.

This article was prepared by Barclay R. Nicholson (bnicholson@fulbright.com or 713 651 3662) from Fulbright's Energy Practice.